May 222009

I have some news, but before you get all excited, remember that physical symptoms don’t necessarily mean much when you’re on a boat load of hormones. That said, I had serious dog nose all day yesterday. I could smell absolutely everything. There were two overripe bananas on the counter, and I had to make them into banana bread, because the smell was making me want to barf. Cakes came in from outside with a bad diaper, and I could smell her the minute she hit the doorway. I opened a container of leftover grilled chicken, and the smell was so strong that it made me gag. You get the idea.

I tell you this because I always have a heightened sense of smell during pregnancy – I call it my pregnancy dog nose – and then, last night, I threw up while brushing my teeth! When I had morning sickness during my last pregnancy, I almost always threw up while brushing my teeth, because just having all that foamy toothpaste in my mouth seemed to trigger my gag reflex.

I know I shouldn’t get all excited about this, but c’mon! How can I not?

I confess that I am a teensy bit worried, because I saw something on TV this week about hysterical pregnancy, when women truly believe that they’re pregnant, and they even have all the symptoms, but they’re not. All of these symptoms could just be psychosomatic, because in my head I’m hoping so, so hard to be pregnant. Who knows? We shall see. Only 5 more days.

Bee has only one day of school left, which I can’t even believe. The year flew by so quickly! Today, her kindergarten class held a zoo for their families and other elementary classes to visit.

Each child brought in a stuffed animal from home, and Bee chose her stuffed elephant, Hoover.

The kids researched and memorized three facts about their animals, and they made dioramas of the animal’s habitat.

The kids wore little red paw-print stickers on their hands. As you walked through the zoo, they held out their hands, and when you pushed their paw-print, they recited their facts. Here’s Bee, telling us all about elephants:

There were two zoo sessions, so the kids who were animals in the morning session, got to do “zoo jobs” in the afternoon, and vice versa. Bee sold popcorn in the afternoon, so of course we went to both sessions. They had an admission table, where you bought your tickets and got play money to spend in the zoo,

and a ticket booth where you turned your tickets in and got your hand stamped.

After you made your way through the zoo,

you could buy postcards, made by the kids, at the souvenir stand,

and also popcorn and lemonade at the concession stand.

They had little chairs so you could sit and enjoy your refreshments, and a “petting zoo” with stuffed animals to cuddle. I was very amused, because when Cakes dumped her popcorn on the floor (of course, you knew she would) one of Bee’s classmates was there, johnny-on-the-spot, with his little broom and dustpan to clean it up. His job was grounds-keeper. Isn’t that so cute?

Bee’s teacher did a fantastic job, and the kids worked very hard on their animal habitat dioramas. They also made all of the decorations for the classroom. I love when teachers do fun and creative things like this, because they create terrific memories for the kids (and parents!)


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