Go Little Embryo, Go!

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May 152009

Our embryo transfer went perfectly! The nurse said it was a very smooth transfer, and the doctor was able to place the embyro just where he wanted it. Here’s a picture of the ultrasound image. The little white dot with the circle around it is the embryo (click photo to enlarge):

Here we are in the procedure room, just before the transfer. Don’t I look just smashing in my lovely cap and gown? Such a flattering photo angle too.

During the entire 2 1/2-hour drive to the clinic, I was on pins and needles, worrying that the embryo wouldn’t be viable when thawed. Our doctor said that one in three embryos doesn’t survive the thaw, so with only one embryo, we should prepare ourselves for the possibility of a canceled cycle. Since the embryo was just thawed this morning, every time my cell phone rang I would jump out of my seat in a panic, and check to see if it was the clinic calling to tell us it was over.

When we were about an hour away, I saw a sign for Taco John’s, and I told my husband that we absolutely must eat lunch there, because that’s where we ate after our first IVF cycle, when I got pregnant with Bee. I remember that very same night, my husband asked how I was feeling, and I said, “I don’t think the baby likes Mexican food,” because I had terrible indigestion and felt horrible. I was just joking, but as it turned out, I was pregnant! So, eating there again seemed like a good omen, I guess. My husband asked, “So, is this some sort of litmus test?”

When we got to the clinic, the doctor said that the embryo survived the thaw, and re-expanded just as they wanted. God is so good! Here’s a picture of our little one:

It looks like me, don’t you think?

So now we’re all settled at the hotel, and we’ll be staying here two nights, because I need to remain on bed rest for the rest of today, and all of tomorrow. We made an appointment for a couples’ massage on Sunday, because we had massages after our last FET. It eased the tension in my stiff, sore muscles, and I read that massage after a transfer increases blood flow to the uterus, which is good for the embryo. I don’t know if this is true, but I did get pregnant with Cakes last time, so I figure it can’t hurt!

Please pray for strength for our little embryo, and for us to have peace and comfort. We are truly resting and trusting in the Lord right now. We know that He is faithful, and He is with us today.


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