Are you in there little fetus?

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May 182009

In nine months will you come greet us? I will…buy you some Adidas.

Remember when Phoebe sang this song to Frank and Alice’s embryos on Friends? Hee hee.

Seriously though, this is the weird part about IVF. You know the embryo is in there, but you don’t feel it, and of course you can’t see it, so you’re like, “Um, hello? What are you doing in there?”

At the hotel, my husband was talking to the embryo, whom we’ve nicknamed Pat, because we can’t tell what gender it is (remember androgynous Pat from Saturday Night Live?) through my belly button, as if it were a sort of microphone. He told it to dig right in and get comfortable, which is what we’re hoping for, but of course there’s no way to predict what will happen. It’s very rare to feel any pregnancy symptoms until at least a week after transfer, and I try not to dwell on physical symptoms anyway, because they can be caused by the progesterone, and I know from experience that I’ll drive myself crazy if I start speculating.

Our pregnancy test is scheduled for the 27th, but I know that I’ll break down and take a home pregnancy test on the 26th, because then I can know right away, instead of waiting a full day to get the blood test results back. Plus, if I’m pregnant, I want to be able to tell my husband in my own way. IVF sort of robs you of the fun of sharing that news, but last time, when I got pregnant with Cakes, I tested the night before the blood test, and left the positive pregnancy test on my husband’s desk, with a ribbon tied around it. He was so shocked, I’m not sure he even believed it was real.

So far, I don’t really feel any different, except for some mild crampiness, so I’m trying to just go about my day as if everything were normal, even though it feels about as far from normal as it could possibly be.


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