Ultrasound Results

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Mar 122009

No sign of fibroids, polyps or scarring. This is what we were hoping for!

Also, we finally received an answer to our “missing” embryo question. We’ve been very confused because our original IVF procedure, in 2002, was performed at a large hospital. For subsequent cycles, we opted to have our embryos shipped to a smaller clinic, (they were sent by FedEx!) because – among other reasons – we wanted a more personal and less expensive environment.

We were under the impression that we had 11 frozen embryos, so you can imagine our surprise when our new clinic only received 8. Because this is our final FET cycle, we didn’t want to proceed until we had a clear understanding of what happened to the other 3. It appears that the problem is a lack of communication – the hospital never bothered to tell us that 3 of our embryos didn’t survive in culture long enough to be cryogenically preserved. Our doctor speculated that this was the case, but obviously we wanted to be certain, for our peace of mind. The hospital is going to send us the embryology report for our records.

So…the FET cycle is being scheduled now. It has to be planned around my doctor’s schedule, and timed to mimic a natural conception as closely as possible. I will need to take oral contraceptives, to get my body to behave normally, since it never seems to do anything normal on its own.

When the ultrasound tech was looking at my ovaries, she exclaimed, “WOW! Lots of follicles there. Looks great!” I just smiled and nodded, but I told my husband that it almost seems like a cruel joke. My ovaries make eggs like gangbusters, but they don’t want to send any of them down the hatch. If they did, I wouldn’t have to go through all of this IVF hell in the first place.

My husband says that we all have our Achilles heel. I guess this is mine. Or one of them anyway.


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