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begins with Cakes pounding on her door, and yelling for me to come get her. She usually wakes up between 7:00 and 7:30.

(Yes, it really is this dark at 7:23 A.M. Welcome to winter in the Midwest. Isn’t it delightful?)

I stumble, bleary-eyed and half awake, into Cakesie’s room, and plunk her down on the floor to change her diaper and get her dressed for the day. Bee usually comes in at this time to say hello.

(They kiss each other good morning. Can’t you just feel the love?)

After Bee gets herself dressed, I herd the girls into the bathroom to get their hair and teeth brushed, and we head to the kitchen for breakfast. (Update: I realized after I wrote this that it makes no sense. We’ve always done it this way, and I never gave it much thought, but we should be brushing teeth after breakfast. Duh). This morning we’re having bananas, orange juice, and a choice of waffles or cinnamon toast.

While the girls finish eating, I pack Bee’s lunch for school (note the absence of expensive, pre-packaged foods).

I get dressed, wash my face, brush my hair and teeth, and call my husband up from his basement office. He takes The Cakester downstairs with him while I drive Bee to school.

(The advantage of working at home is that you can spend all day in your PJs 🙂

Bee and I get dressed and ready to brave the frigid, 7-degree weather. On our way out the door, I grab the mail that’s waiting in the mail center to go out. I drop Bee off at kindergarten (as you can see, she’s in one of her silly moods),

and drop the mail at the post office.

When I get home, I usually make coffee and write my blog post for the day.

When I’m finished, I decide on a supper menu, take some meat out of the freezer to defrost, and head downstairs to start a load of laundry.

While I’m in the basement, I feed Pumpkin (the greedy little beggar!) and stop in to say hello to my husband, who has probably been working in his basement office since dawn. I will never understand morning people. Never.

(Disclaimer: My husband’s office is the “man room.” I take no responsibility for the vast amount of clutter in this room.)

I head back upstairs and get Cakes settled at the kitchen table with some play dough, while I get started on my daily work. Today is Thursday, which is my desk work day (see the Weekly Work Schedule), so I do the weekly filing,

pay the bills that are due in the next week,

and get a bank deposit ready to go. When I’m finished, I put the mail in the outgoing mail slot in the mail center by the door. I’ll drop it off at the post office tomorrow morning after I take Bee to school.

I snap the lid back on my household file box, and slide it into its designated spot in the utility closet.

It’s lunch time! I reheat leftover chicken pot pie and veggies from last night’s supper, and call my husband upstairs to eat. After lunch and clean-up, I wash Cakesie’s face and hands and change her diaper. Then we sit in the rocker and read from her favorite Little Einsteins book,

and get her settled down for nap.

While Cakes is napping, I transfer the clean laundry to the dryer (my basement clothesline is full), and do my daily devotional.

Then I head downstairs to walk on the treadmill for 20 minutes. (Disclaimer: In a perfect world, I would do this daily, but I’m going to be honest – I don’t. In fact, you’re more likely to find me snoring on the couch at this time, with a puddle of drool on my pillow, than on that stinkin’ treadmill).

After I wake up Cakesie wakes up, I fold the clean, dry laundry and put it away,

and then we play until it’s time to get Bee from school. Lately we’ve been playing with the Little People A-Z Learning Zoo (complete with working batteries, only $3 at a garage sale!) Cakes has a particular affinity for the polar bear, but for some unknown reason, I always have to be the quail.

At 3:00, we bundle up and head to the school to bring Bee home.

On my way back up the hill, I get the mail out of our box, pick up our empty recycling barrels, and return them to the garage. When we get inside, we hang up coats and backpacks, and I give the kids some apple slices topped with cinnamon sugar for a snack, while they watch Arthur on PBS.

While the kids watch their program, I take a laundry basket out to the garage to do one of my most dreaded weekly chores – cleaning out the pit of doom and despair known as our minivan. I do this weekly because:

A) This is the typical amount of crap removed from the van each week.

If I didn’t clean it out regularly, I’m concerned that we might suffocate in a mountain of moldy sippy cups, fossilized french fries, books, school papers, convenience store soda cups, forgotten toys, and junk mail, and….

B) It’s so much nicer to drive when it’s clean.

After I’m finished with the van, I send the kids down to their toy room to play while I start supper. Tonight we’re having my famous beef and noodles.

My husband and I love this dish, but my kids…not so much. However, as I’m fond of telling them – tough bananas! In our house the kids eat what’s put in front of them, or they get nothing else to eat until the next scheduled meal or snack time. We have little patience for picky eating around here.

Between 5:00 and 5:30 my husband comes upstairs, and he and I usually chat for a bit while Bee sets the table.

Then we all sit down to eat.

After supper, I get the kitchen all cleaned up,

while my husband gets the girls in the bathtub. They’re getting so big that soon they won’t be able to take baths together anymore. Bee probably won’t mind this all that much (see Zee Poop Again!). After her bath, Cakes comes out to the kitchen so that I can smell her soft baby scent.

and she and my husband have their “Crazy Time.” He does this with both of the girls after their baths. It basically involves wrapping them up in a towel, and spinning or swinging them back and forth. They love it!

While my husband gets Cakes ready for bed, Bee gets her PJs on, and we work on her reading homework.

At 7:00, Cakes gets tucked into bed. When Bee finishes her homework, she tidies up her room.

My husband and I usually straighten up the living room (you don’t even want to know what it looked like before).

Any toys left laying around get pitched into the girls’ labeled baskets, and they’re required to put them away.

At this point, Bee has free play time for about a half hour, while my husband watches TV, and I take my shower. I used to attempt to take a shower in the morning, but I quickly realized the futility of this and gave up (see How a Mom Takes a Shower).

At 8:15, Bee gets her teeth brushed, and we tuck her into bed. School days wear her out, so she’s usually asleep before her head even hits the pillow.

When both kids are in bed, my husband and I relax together, and sometimes we have a treat. In the winter we alternate between flavored coffee, hot cocoa, and tea. Tonight we’re having sweetened Chai tea with whipped cream. Yum!

I’m going to read, and watch Pride and Prejudice on DVD (yes, at the same time. I like to have something else to do while watching TV. I’m such a multi-tasker).

My husband will watch with me, but he’ll be sure to sneak in as many snarky comments about Colin Firth as possible. (A word of advice – if you find an actor, or any other man attractive, keep this little tidbit to yourself. If you don’t, you will never hear the end of it, and you certainly won’t be able to watch them on TV in peace).

We usually turn in around 11:00. Of course, I can’t show you what happens next….oh, who am I kidding? We all know that’s not gonna happen.

(For more of the fascinating soap opera that is our life, read A Typical Day at Our House – 2008)


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  1. Your youngest is your mini-me! She looks JUST like you!

  2. Loved reading about your day! Maybe I’ll tackle one of these posts one day… lol!

  3. This is a great blog! I love the pictures and the step-by-step banter. I am a new SAHM and will benefit from your experience for sure, thanks for sharing 🙂

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