Babysitter Information Sheets

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Jan 122009

A reader requested that I publish the Babysitter Information Sheet that I made for my HMG Parenting section, so I uploaded it to Google Docs. Here’s the link:

Heather’s Babysitter Information Sheet

I keep our personal information filled in, so that I don’t have to rewrite it every time, but I erased it to create a blank document that you can print and modify.

Also, the “Parent Consent for Medical Treatment” forms can be found HERE.

I keep copies of this completed form and our health insurance card in my binder. When we have a babysitter, I just pull them out and leave them with the Babysitter Information Sheet, in case there is a medical emergency while I’m away.

Some of you have expressed interest in other HMG forms as well. If there is a specific form that you would like me to upload and share, please leave your request in the comments.

Hope this helps!


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