Dec 082008

At lunch time today, my husband came upstairs and asked, “So…how is blogland today?”

I replied, “Today I posted about schedules.” I then looked around at my house, heaved a big sigh, and said, “I have no business telling anyone how to run their house. Look at this pit! I’m a total fraud!”

My husband, bless his heart, just said, “Well, you can’t be ‘on’ all the time honey.”

He’s right. I’m definitely “off” right now, and I have been for some time. This crummy flu has really been getting me down, and Cakes has had a tummy bug, so she’s been a big crab apple all day. I’m tired, and my nose runs all the time, and I wish to do nothing except curl up with a quilt and a candy bar, and read a book.

Recently, I was whining to a good friend, who reads this blog regularly, that I give advice to people about how they can organize their lives, but lately I can’t even keep my own organized.

She said, “Heather, I think that the reason your readers like you is because you do struggle sometimes – not because you don’t.”


Well, if you guys like my human-ness, then you’ll love these pics! This is what my house looks like right this minute, and you know what? I have no intention of cleaning it up today.

I also plan to serve my family scrambled eggs and toaster waffles for supper tonight. They won’t care. In fact, the picky kids might actually eat for a change.

It’s nice, every once in a while, to just relax and realize that no one expects me to be perfect. I try my best, but sometimes I fail, and that’s OK.

And now I’m gonna go get that candy bar.