God Bless the Good Husbands

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Dec 062008

Husband-bashing seems to be a trend among married women today. I notice it whenever I’m with a group of female friends. To listen to them, you would think that there are no good men left in the world.

I’ve also noticed that, when among a group of man-bashing women, it’s completely unacceptable to say nice things about one’s husband. Perhaps it seems like bragging, or rubbing salt in the wounds of those who are stuck with husbands who watch 26 televised sporting events every weekend, and never remember to put the toilet seat down. For whatever reason, it appears that you must either follow the crowd, or slink on home.

I’m putting an end to this trend right now, by saying that I love my husband. He’s handsome and smart, helpful and funny. I’m proud to say that I think he’s terrific.

Case in point…I’m sick right now. Really sick. I have a sore throat, a fever, and everything hurts. Even my armpits hurt. Seriously.

My husband left work early today to take care of me. He brought me tea. He cleaned up the house. He gave Cakes a bath, and put her to bed. He went to the grocery store for me, and then he took Bee out for a Daddy-Daughter night so that I could have peace and quiet to sleep.

Before he left, he kissed my hand, and looked at me with the most endearing, concerned expression on his face. He was just so adorable. If I didn’t feel like total crap, I might have been inclined to throw myself at him.

Apparently, in my case, help with housework is a far greater aphrodisiac than candlelight dinners, flowers, or even jewelry.

I find myself wishing that he would come home. I know I always say that I need alone-time, but the truth is….I miss him. TV is boring without his running commentary, and I have no one to rub my feet.

I’m very lucky, and you know what? It’s OK to say it.