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The second section of my Home Management Guide is “Work Schedules.”

The scripture on my cover is 2 Thessalonians 3:7-10. I also have some quotes pertaining to the value of work, because I love quotes (hint: if you also love quotes, visit QuoteGarden). One of my favorites in this section is “You cannot plough a field by turning it over in your mind.” I don’t know who said that, but they are so right! I’m a procrastinator, and I can’t tell you how much valuable energy I waste thinking about what I need to do, instead of just doing it!

The Schedules section is possibly the most difficult section of the binder to establish, because it takes a great deal of thought and planning. However, this section is one of the most important, because it’s what helps you keep control of your day. If you’re home with young children, you know that control can be lost pretty fast!

Here’s what I have in my Schedules section:

-My daily task list. These are the tasks that I absolutely must get done each day to keep the house from falling apart.

-My weekly work schedule. This is a week-at-a-glance schedule, which details the tasks that I need to complete on each day of the week.

-My weekday schedule, broken down in time increments. Aside from meal and nap times, we don’t have a set schedule on weekends.

-My weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual task lists. We’ll discuss these more in future posts.

Since this section is a big one, let’s break it down into small parts. Today, we’ll focus on the Daily Task List. Getting these absolutely necessary tasks defined and put in your binder is the best way to start gaining control of your day. If, at the end of the day, you’ve accomplished nothing else but these things, you know that your household isn’t going to crumble into a complete disaster. The kids won’t have to go to school without underwear because you haven’t washed any. You won’t have to grind congealed egg off your dinner plates with a belt sander because you haven’t done the dishes. The cat won’t eat the kindergarten cupcakes in the middle of the night because you forgot to feed her. Completing these basic tasks gives you a feeling of success and accomplishment on even the most discouraging days.

Just for reference, these are my daily tasks:

□ Defrost food for supper/crockpot
□ Straighten up
□ Unload/Reload dishwasher (after meals)
□ Wipe down sink, stove, counters (after meals)
□ Sort/Recycle mail
□ Food/water for Pumpkin (the cat)
□ Sweep/vacuum kitchen floor
□ One load of laundry (wash/dry/fold/put away)
□ Wipe down bathroom sinks and counters
□ Refill cold drinking water
□ Take out compost

If you’re unsure of how to define your own daily tasks, think in these terms:

Meals-everyone needs to be fed, you know, to survive and all.
Dishes-you must clean up after said meals for sanitary reasons, at the very least. Unless you like mice and cockroaches, and want to share your home with them.
Laundry-you all need clean clothes right? I mean, nobody wants to smell bad. That I know of. But hey, I’m not judging!
Mail-you must deal with this every day to avoid suffocating in a mountain of catalogs.

This is a good place to start, but of course you can add any other tasks that you feel are necessary. On Monday, we’ll tackle the Weekly Work Schedule.

  6 Responses to “Inside the Guide, Section Two – Work Schedules”

  1. hello,
    my name is lisa. i am a stay at home mother with two toddlers. messy toddlers. we are a family of four in a tiny two bedroom home. i have plenty of time but fail to find a cleaning schedule that works for me. nap times are at two and bed times nine thirty. (daddy works very very late). i need help finding a way to keep up with two active kids, all these toys, and all the dishes, laundry, spills, messes….. you get the point. how do i decide which toys to keep. and a time schedule on when to clean. basically im at home all the time. but the kids mess up faster than i can pick up. im very frustrated and need some good advice. i dont need a perfect home. just a clean one. i am ready to pull my hair out. we have no scheduled meal times or anything. just naps at two and bed at nine thirty. please please please help me. i really believe if i could just be told a schedule i could keep it. i wasnt raised in a even remotely clean or normal home. i want more for my kids. thank you very much for taking the time to read this and repond.
    a desperate mom

  2. I am a mom of 2 toddlers as well and I have found that schedules are very important. It teaches them discipline and keeps our sanity or whats left of it in tact, ha ha.
    I am going to be a homeschooling Mom and have already began teaching them. So i’m looking for a way to manage my time better.
    My schedule right now which will need tweaking as I go is
    babies awake around 7:45am we get a late start which is starting to irritate me because I allow them to lounge and watch cartoons to kind of wake up. Then 8:30 – 9am we all get dressed, teeth brushed, vitamins and breakfast.
    While having breakfast I plan the day (bad time management on my part)(I struggle with time management).
    After we eat I usually run errands or go shopping – I try to get them out of the house every day – Target just to browse maybe get stuff if needed – park or get them into art, music, play classes – something.
    We eat lunch between 12:30pm to 2pm just depending on the day. After lunch depending on the time I will let them play for about 15 min to a half hour then naps.
    They wake up between 4pm to 530pm. That time they are sleeping is GO time for me – bust out and get daily duties done around the house – or I do Bible study homework and pray.
    When babies wake up – I let them watch a cartoon to wake up to. Then bath time – then dinner time – then play time – then bedtime (usually anywhere from 815pm to 930pm). The earlier the better – then you have more you time, however you choose to use it – tiddy up home real quick then watch a show or news or pray or read – whatever makes you calm, relaxed and happy.
    Hope this helps a little bit.

    Oh yeah – toys – I have attachment issues so its hard for me to get rid of anything – but I am adopting if you don’t use it you loose it mentality and this is awesome. I keep getting rid of stuff and if the babies freak out I calmly explain to them that they have all this cool stuff to play with and there is no point of having it if its just sitting around collecting dust. There are plenty of kids out there in the world that have nothing and they would love to have these awesome toys. I am seriously blessed because my babies are totally cool with me taking stuff and getting rid of it – because of that thought process. Try it and let me know how it works for you. Same goes for books and clothes.

    Good luck =)

  3. What are all your subjects in your HMG? Just a brief overview in one place that we can get the basics, then click and look further in your web to see how you go into detail over it.

    Thanks a ton and God bless,

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