What About God?

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Nov 182008

Lately, I’ve been very busy. Between the girls’ birthdays, upcoming holiday preparations, planning for our embryo transfer in January, and some writing assignments that I’ve committed to, I sometimes feel like I don’t even have time to breathe. At night, I fall into bed exhausted, only taking the time to mumble a cursory prayer before falling asleep.

Despite my busy schedule, I always make sure that there are clean clothes and balanced meals, that Bee has her lunches and homework and library books, that Cakes gets to story hour on Wednesdays, that the bills get paid on time. Everyone’s needs are met, but there’s one thing missing.

What about God?

During times of busy-ness, my time with God seems to be the first thing to go, and that makes me sad. I realize that not all of my readers are Christian, and some don’t even believe in God, but here’s the thing…I love God. I know Him. He’s as real, as personal, as important to me as my husband or children. When I neglect Him, I feel horrible.

God has been so good to me. His work in my life is incredible, and He deserves more from me than lip service. He deserves the same fierce devotion that I gave Him when I was a brand-new Christian. I remember that shortly after I gave my life to Christ, my husband and I attended a small dinner party. The hostess had just lost her husband to cancer, and was very angry at God. Somehow, the dinner conversation turned to the subject of religion, and at one point, the hostess burst out angrily, “Who cares about God? F*** God!”

I’m sure you can guess what the F-word was.

I was appalled. I was so upset by this blasphemy that I felt sick to my stomach. It quickly became clear that I was the only Christian in the room, because no one else seemed bothered by it. In fact, it seemed that everyone was just going to let it slide without a word, but I couldn’t. I spoke up, and told the hostess that I didn’t think it was right to talk that way about God. One of the other guests asked me why, if God was so all-powerful, did I feel that I needed to defend Him? I replied, “Well, because I love God. If you insulted my husband, I would defend him. I believe in sticking up for those I love.”

Where did that Christian go? What happened to my boldness, my devotion, my passion for the Lord? My faith is unwavering, but the paltry amount of time that I devote to it indicates that God has slipped from the #1 spot in my life. That’s not acceptable to Him, and it’s not acceptable to me. I need to rework my priorities, and put God back at the top of my list where he belongs.

My husband, who gets up early every morning, without fail, to study his Bible, recently joked that my Bible has so much dust on it that I could write “damnation.” This was just a joke, but it was also his gentle way of reminding me to stay in The Word. Our pastor is fond of saying that BUSY is an acronym for “Buried Under Satan’s Yoke.” I don’t know about you, but that’s not where I want to be.

I think I’ll get off the computer, and spend some time in The Word right now. How about you?