Unexpected Garage Sale Treasures

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Sep 132008

Back in May, I found these handmade ceramics at a garage sale in the city, for only $1 each:

The proprietor of the sale told me that she purchased them at a craft fair. When I turned them over, I found that the artist had signed them with his/her initials.

I was excited about these, because I used the slate blue and brown color combination in my kitchen when we remodeled it. Also, as my long-time readers know, I like everything in my home to be interesting and unique, so handmade things are especially appealing to me. Perhaps this is why I like thrifting and garage sales so much – the selection is more eclectic. My husband loves to tease me about this, because I have been known (more than once) to come home from someone’s house and immediately pitch an offending item into the garage sale box. When my husband asks me why I’m getting rid of it, I always say, “Because I just saw that same picture/vase/knicknack in so-and-so’s house!” Whenever we go to a garage sale or consignment store and see a Home-Interiors-type item, we have this same conversation:

DH: “Look honey! Home Interiors! We have to get this.”
ME: “*rolling eyes* You know I hate stuff like that.”
DH: “But if we get this, we can be just like everybody else!”
ME: “But I don’t want to be just like everybody else.”
DH: “*kissing my forehead* I know, I’m just teasing. I think it’s cute.”

You would think that after all this time, I would no longer take the bait. But then the whole dynamic of our relationship would change, and truthfully, I would probably miss the teasing.

Anyway, this morning we went to a few local garage sales. It was pouring down rain, and aside from some nice children’s books, we were pretty much striking out. But then, I found these!

I turned them over, and found the same artist’s initials on the back:

I asked the proprietor if she remembered where she got them, and she said that she thought she found them at Goodwill. Again, they were only $1 each, so I happily brought them home and cleaned them up. When I originally purchased the first two, the oval leaf piece already had a brown ribbon attached for hanging. To unify the arrangement, I used some 49-cent, brown craft ribbon, and tied bows on the other three pieces:

I think these pieces make an eye-catching arrangement, which is one of the first things you see as you walk in our front door. Also, they coordinate so nicely with the wall color and the warm, honey finish of the oak floor:

At the same sale, I found this really cool, hand-painted crudite’ dish for 50 cents. If I ever have a party, I’ll have the snazziest chips and dip platter in town.

I love garage sales! You just never know what treasures you might find.