Sep 172008

My ideal house is a gray cape cod, with white trim, burgundy shutters and a big front porch.

Way at the very bottom of my list are 70s ranch houses. Especially L-shaped ones. When we were looking at houses, this was the type of house that I was least interested in.

Guess what kind of house I live in?

A 70s ranch. An L-shaped one, in fact.

This bothers my husband. I think that it makes him feel like he’s failed me somehow. He loves me, and he wants me to have everything I’ve ever wanted, including my “dream house.” He says that we should sell our current house, so that I can live my dream.

I say no.

Why? Because I am living my dream.

While my house might not be the “perfect” style of house, who says that it has to be? Who says that I have to have EVERYTHING I’ve ever wanted to be happy? God provided this house for us, and it’s sufficient for our needs. It’s not too big, or too small. It’s private – we live at the top of a hill with only one close neighbor, and there is no traffic past our house. We have 1 1/2 acres of land – more than enough for us to have a garden, and flowers, and a big backyard for our kids to play in. We have two large buildings, so we have plenty of storage space, and my husband can have a workshop to putter in.

Why would we leave?

I believe that we would all be much happier, not to mention financially healthier, if we learned to be content right where we are. If we realized that we can appreciate things without having to own them. If we defined “dream house” in a different way – not as the biggest, fanciest house on the block, with all of the material amenities we could ever want – but as the place where we are the happiest.

For me, that’s right here.