Swim Night

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Aug 052008

Every summer, our bank hosts a Family Swim Night at the local pool, for the children who have Kid’s Count savings accounts. At 5:30, they provide free hamburgers, hot dogs, fruit, chips, cookies, and beverages. Everybody eats and plays on the playground until 6:30, when there’s a free 2-hour swim, complete with games and prizes.

The girls both loved the Duck Pond,

but Cakes liked the Sucker Tree best.

Bee had fun playing some big kid games, like the Sponge Toss,

the Treat Walk,

and of course, the Fish Pond, a classic that I remember from my childhood.

Cakes loved sliding down the frog slide in the shallow end,

but it wasn’t long before the novelty wore off, and our little daredevil decided that she wanted to go down the big slide in the deep end. She climbed right up the ladder, pushing and shoving her way through, with no regard for anyone in front of her,

and went flying down, on her stomach AND backwards, into Daddy’s arms.

She must have done this at least 15 times before she finally got tired of it. We were astonished, because until this year, Bee was always too afraid to go down the big slide. Cakes appears to be pretty much fearless, which comes as no surprise to anyone.

Of course, the day wouldn’t have been complete if she didn’t hurt herself. She slipped on the newly painted pool floor, banged her head, and cut her cheek just under her eye. My poor little accident-prone baby!

When the fun evening was over, bank employees handed out plastic leis to all the kids as they walked out. Bee chose white,

and when Daddy asked Cakes which color she wanted, she said “PINK!” because that’s the only color she knows.

She’s a handful, but she sure is cute!


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  1. What a fun day!! I’m looking at your girls in swimsuits and just looking forward to summer SO much!! I’m getting tired of all the winter lurgies hanging around here…..

    Nice of the bank to offer such a fun day. 🙂 Baby cakes is an adventurous little girl…. that’s a big slide for a little person! I guess she’s got to be in on all the action her big sister is in. 🙂

  2. I like the new layout!

    Looks like the girls had a blast!!

  3. They are too cute. I love the new layout did you make it yourself? I wanna learn how to do that too.

  4. How fun!

  5. Looks like great fun! I can’t wait til summer!
    Love the new blog look – you’ve done a great job!

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