Saling Day!

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Aug 092008

Yesterday, the kids and I went saling with our good friend Renee, and her daughter. Renee is Cakesie’s Godmother, or “Gah-mommy!” as Cakes calls her, and we always have lots of fun together.

I spent a total of $12.50, and I found really amazing deals!

At one sale, there was so much stuff that it was all over the driveway, in the garage, in the front yard and both side yards, and on the porch. The homeowner¬†told me that they hadn’t been able to get their car in the garage all winter. (Don’t worry, I didn’t lecture her about voluntary simplicity or wasting money. I wanted to though!) They had more beach and nautical-themed stuff than I have ever seen in one place, much of it with price tags still on!

A couple of years ago, I painted our tiny master bathroom a soft, sea-green, and we replaced the yellow, 70s fixtures with white ones. I love the calm colors, but I’ve never decorated the small wall space, because I could never figure out what would look good. Yesterday, I found my answer!

The angle of this shot isn’t the greatest, but it was the only way to avoid glare from the window, which is directly opposite. Anyway, I bought the small, white shelf at one sale for $2.00. It was unused, in its original box. I found everything else, except the shell, which is from the beach in Florida, at the “nautical” sale, for $2.50. The shell picture frame still had its Kohl’s price tag on the back – it was $14.99!

I also got these great, like-new board books for Cakes, a cookbook for me, and some birthday paper to use when making kid birthday invitations, for a total of $1.50.

Bee, my budding ballerina, got this Bella Dancerella set, complete with mat, ballet bar, and instructional DVD, for only $1.00. She’s already watched it about a half dozen times!

Other finds were a Tickle Me Elmo for 50 cents, a swimsuit and some brand new sippee cups for Cakes for only 75 cents, and a pair of jeans, a skirt, and two shirts for Bee for $1.75.

It was a very successful sale day! Unfortunately, I started to feel sick after we ate lunch. My stomach felt very crampy, and I had a terrible headache. We had to cut our saling short so that I could come home and rest. I don’t know what was wrong with me, but I felt sick all night. Maybe food poisoning? Who knows. I do feel quite a bit better this morning. I’m going to straighten up the house and pay some bills, and then Bee and I are going out for a back-to-school girls day celebration. I’m going to take her to our local “Fired Up” pottery studio to paint pottery, and then out for supper. She’s very excited about it, and so am I!