The Reading Road Trip

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Jun 252008

We love PBS children’s programming, because it’s positive, wholesome and educational. Our kids love it because it’s fun!

Our local PBS station sponsors a “Reading Road Trip” each summer. The PBS Kids’ Club host travels to libraries all around the state to put on special story time shows for kids. Yesterday we had the privilege of attending one of these free shows. Sadly, it couldn’t be held at our library, because it was totally destroyed by the recent floods. It’s a terrible tragedy, but we’re all trying to make the best of it, so the program was held at a local mall instead.

Bee was absolutely thrilled to be there:

The host was very animated, and really knew how to engage the kids:

This summer’s theme is “Catch the Reading Bug,” so the story was about busy ants, lazy grasshoppers, and bees who try to get everyone to forget about exercise, healthy food, and reading, in favor of lots of TV watching:

Bee was the first to hold up her library card, so she got to be a heroic bookworm who saves a book from the evil, conniving bees. She was so proud!

Bee seemed to really enjoy the entire program. She sat quietly, paid attention and actively participated:

Babycakes had absolutely zero interest in the program. She wiggled, giggled, rolled on the floor, and was generally loud and rambunctious:

The only time she paid any attention was when the host held up a picture of Arthur. She knows and loves Arthur, and she pointed to the picture and yelled excitedly, “Arper! Arper!” It used to be that if you asked her what DW says, she would say “HEY!” She won’t do it anymore though, no matter how much we coax her. It’s sad how quickly the cute little things like that fade away.

The kids all got free “Reading Road Trip” water bottles,

and hugs and pictures with the host himself:

A great time was had by all (even me!) After the program, I took the girls to a bakery for chocolate chip cookies, milk, and coffee (for me). It was a nice afternoon, and a pleasant break from our usual routine.

PBS is a source of quality, educational, free children’s programming. I left this program with an even greater respect for PBS, and the dedicated people behind it. Support your local PBS station–it’s worth it!


  8 Responses to “The Reading Road Trip”

  1. We love PBS kids at our house. We haven’t had cable/satellite in our house in years… I think Chandler was 2 when we cut it off so that has been 3 years ago… anyway, I have been more than impressed with the quality of kids shows. I’m also THANKFUL that they are on all day long. Sometimes Chandler just needs a break from Riley (and me probably) so I’ll let her take her favorite blanket and she will lay on the sofa and watch an episode of Curious George or Between the Lions. She loves all of the shows they have to offer.
    I have fond memories of my sister watching “Arthur” and going to the library so she could check out an Arthur book. 🙂

  2. Sounds like a good time. WE watch PBS too. But I also love Noggin. Little Bear is my sons favorite. We love the books too.

  3. Sounds like the greatest day! Our family would have loved it also. With Songbird being 13 I love it when we both grab a comfy chair and read. She’s outgrown our library program here this year and is sad about it.

  4. What a fun day! I love Bee’s big smile!

  5. Sounds like lots of fun!! Your PBS sounds just like our ABC kids (except ours only runs for a few hours morning & afternoon) – it’s really great! My kids love Arthur as well & we love getting the “Arthur” books from the library! Hope your library is up & running soon – we love the library, so I cannot imagine how devastating it must be to have it destroyed.
    Renata :0

  6. Bee has the most beautiful smile!!
    That looked like a really fun day for you all. I’m looking forward to life settling down enough here to do things like that with my kids again! And yes, the ABC is great Renata! Playschool is still our all-time favourite program. 🙂

  7. Wow! What a positive experience for the girls!!! Kier is hooked on PBS as well. Unfortunately our local station manager is a complete idiot (I’m being kind here). He actually almost got the station closed down, changes programming constantly and has axed some favorite shows!

    Another avenue for cool summer programming is the local zoo. Our local zoo and library have combined. We get to go in a few weeks. PB is so excited!!!

  8. Bee & Babycakes are absolutely darling! what a fun afternoon!


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