We Made It!

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May 042008

The trip down was very long, but reasonably uneventful, except for when Cakes peed through her diaper and pants, and soaked her car seat. We put it on top of the van (like Aunt Edna on “National Lampoon’s Vacation”) to dry while we ate lunch. The girls colored on their travel art desks (and in Cakesie’s case, on the seat belts), read books, watched DVDs (I don’t know who invented vehicle DVD players, but I want to shake his or her hand), and slept occasionally:

We stopped at a Stuckey’s for “fine pecan candy,” where Cakes had a tantrum because we wouldn’t let her have a yellow, stuffed bunny, and later got a lollipop stuck in her hair:

We also stopped at a roadside stand for boiled peanuts, a southern specialty that DH and I love, but the kids hated:

The kids especially enjoyed eating lunch at a roadside park,

where Bee picked up Georgia pine cones, and Cakes ran around looking cute:

23 hours in a minivan with two young children is quite an experience. I remember thinking more than once, “Why didn’t we fly?” I’m sure we had good reasons, but I can’t remember what they were.