English Edibles

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May 082008

Yesterday, I found these English treats in the ethnic foods section of the Publix store here on the island. I’ve always wanted to try these things, because I’ve read about them so often in British fiction, which I’m addicted to! I love all things British–I think they call people like me anglophiles. We tried the wine gums (yummy), and of course we all had a good laugh about the spotted dick. That’s one of those things that we Americans find hilarious, but the Brits think nothing of it, because “dick” doesn’t have the same connotations for them as it does for us. My husband says it sounds like a horrible disease, but it’s actually just sponge cake with raisins.

Tomorrow morning, we leave for home. I feel like we just got here, and I’m not anxious to spend another 23 hours in a mini-van with my children. This vacation was definitely not long enough, but it will be nice to get back to blogging more often. The internet connection here is ridiculously slow, so I haven’t been posting much.

I’ll post more pics when we get back. Please pray for a safe return trip!


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  1. Oh my goodness! English Cadbury! You’re so lucky! So much smoother and better than the Cadbury you get in the States! My sister and bil lived in the UK and we loved when the would come home to visit. They always had to bring our favorites: Cadbury, chili jam and tea from Harrods! ENJOY! Have a safe trip back!

  2. Hi Heather,
    Wow, I’ve just discovered your blog thanks to you leaving a message (or 2) on mine……….. I have lots to catch up on and know I’m going to enjoy your blogsite! I’ll be exploring it in the next few days. Your girls are just gorgeous.
    Welcome home! Home really is the nicest word there is. 🙂

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