Baby Beach

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May 062008

Today was my little Cakie’s first visit to the beach. Right after we arrived, she plucked a shell out of the sand, exclaimed, “Cracker!” and tried to eat it:

She also sampled some sea water from her bucket, grimaced, and looked at me with an expression that seemed to say, “HEY! Who put salt in here?” After that, she spent about an hour filling a bucket with sand, dumping it out, and filling it up again:

Then, she ventured to the water’s edge, where she made a friend,

and laughed with her big sister when the waves lapped at their toes:

She took some time out from all the fun, to give her Daddy a kiss,

and now, she’s conked out in her crib, with her legs dangling through the slats:

It was a big day for such a little girl!


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  1. adorable! my oldest daughter LOVES the beach… she would stay out all day if we would let her! my youngest wasn’t old enough to really enjoy it last summer. we’ll see how she does on her “next 1st time at the beach”!

    Glad your back to blogging!!!

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