Scribble Cookies

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Apr 182008

Like most kids, my children are richly blessed with crayons. A couple of years ago, Bee, my budding artist, was very frustrated because she could never find the colors she wanted in our big bucket of crayons. To solve this problem, we dumped all the crayons out on the floor, and weeded out the broken ones. We sorted the remaining crayons by color; blues together, greens together, reds together, etc. We put each color in a clean, recycled plastic container, and put them in her art supply box. Now, when she wants to color, she arranges all the containers in a row, takes off the lids, and goes to town. She can always find the perfect colors for her masterpieces, which makes her very happy.

After we completed this little project, we were left with a large container full of broken crayons. In the Complete Tightwad Gazette, Amy Dacyczyn suggests making “Scribble Cookies” from broken crayons, and for lack of a better idea, we decided to give it a try. Bee and I peeled the paper off all the broken crayons, and sorted them by color. We broke them into small bits, and put a rainbow of different colored bits in muffin cups. I melted the bits in the oven on fairly low heat (300 degrees) until the colors began to melt and swirl together. The result is a multi-colored, cookie-shaped crayon. Each one has a unique color and pattern, and because of their size, they’re easy for chubby little toddler hands to hold.

We made about 2 dozen scribble cookies. Bee kept some of her favorites, and we wrapped up the rest in little packages of 3. We tied each package with a ribbon and a handmade label, and gave them away as party favors at Bee’s 4th birthday party. They were a big hit with the kids, and I was happy that we could recycle our unusable crayons into something so fun!