Thrifty Tips You Can Use

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Jan 202008

In order to remain debt free, I employ a number of frugal strategies. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Using cloth diapers during the day (I use disposables at night, because babies with wet bottoms wake up a lot. I value sleep highly).
2. Breastfeeding exclusively.
3. Making my own baby food.
4. Making my own baby wipes.
5. Purchasing used clothing, furniture, and household goods as much I possibly can.
6. Growing fruits and vegetables.
7. Buying in bulk.
8. Shopping at scratch and dent and salvage stores.
9. Shopping online.
10. Being extremely organized (yes, this is a frugal strategy. I’ll explain more in future posts.)
11. Eliminating nearly all convenience foods (we still buy breakfast cereal and toaster waffles).
12. Cooking with leftovers. We never waste food.
13. Dining out no more than once per week, if at all.
14. Combining errands to save on fuel costs.
15. Combining coupons with sales.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll explore each of these strategies in depth, to help you save your hard-earned cash!