Our 2014 Summer Scrapbook, Volume 3


The kids start school in 3 weeks. 3 weeks!  I have mixed feelings about this. Part of me is absolutely ready for them to go back, but I also feel like I've barely even seen Bee this summer, and we haven't had time to do anything special as a family. I also feel like it […] Keep Reading

Our 2014 Summer Scrapbook, Volume Two


This summer has been weird. It's been unseasonably cool (not that I'm complaining about that, mind you. Quite the opposite), so it doesn't really feel like summer, and it seems like Bee has been gone more than she's been home. First she was gone for a week on her trip with her Grandma, and now […] Keep Reading

My Mint.com Interview


I'm excited to announce that I was recently contacted by Mint.com with a request for an interview about frugality and our debt-free life. I'm pleased to share this interview with you, and I hope you find it interesting! Mint.com is a free online financial management site which allows users to set a budget and create a […] Keep Reading

Our 2014 Summer Scrapbook, Volume One


I recently read a blog post about how no one wants to read blogs about people's daily lives anymore, and I thought, "Hmmm....this is practically ALL my readers get!" So, I hope you aren't tired of posts about our daily lives (if you are, I assume you would no longer be reading, correct?) Anyway, where […] Keep Reading


I've always been diligent about having my children's portraits taken at different ages; 3 months, 6-7 months, 1 year, 18 months, and then every year up to age 5 when they start kindergarten and have annual school portraits done. I have a 4-drawer dresser in my office where I stash all the kids' artwork and […] Keep Reading

Weekly News Digest – May 27th, 2014


*Backyard maze, 2014: Long-time readers know that my husband has mowed a maze into the side of our hill every summer for the last several years. This year he got super-ambitious and tried to mow a triceratops in the center for DJ. It turned out more like a rhino or an elephant, but the kids […] Keep Reading



If you follow the blog on Facebook, you may already know that Mother's Day, 2014 began as a wonderful day, and ended in tragedy. My stepbrother, Rob, my stepmother Karen's only biological child, was killed in a terrible car accident in Pennsylvania. We were with my parents when Karen got the news, and it was truly […] Keep Reading

Free Printable Master Grocery List


In my typical day post, I mentioned checking off items on a master grocery list, and several readers asked about this. I made this list several years ago, and I update it each year to reflect changes in our diet and habits. I'm happy to make it available to you to print and use, but […] Keep Reading

Simple Paper Cone May Baskets


When I was a little girl, my bus driver gave me, and every other kid in her charge, a hand-knitted May basket filled with candy. This must have been a very big deal to me, because the memory has stuck me with all these years. I don't think most people exchange May baskets anymore, but […] Keep Reading


In my typical day post, I mentioned that I've been using a homemade whitening tooth powder with great results. I started doing this because I kept reading about the benefits of something called calcium bentonite clay. Calcium bentonite clay is a mildly abrasive clay that gently scrubs and polishes the teeth. It's nontoxic and rich in vital minerals […] Keep Reading

Easy Roasted Brussels Sprouts


After I wrote about my infatuation with roasted brussels sprouts in my typical day post, several readers requested the recipe (probably because, like me, they've previously had a hate affair with this poor, much-maligned vegetable). The lowly Brussels sprout doesn't get much respect - it generally tops the list of most-hated vegetables - and until […] Keep Reading


I'm so excited to share this great value, and you all know that I don't promote anything unless I really believe in it, so that should give you an indication of its level of greatness! I would never recommend any product if I didn't genuinely feel that it would be helpful and beneficial to you, […] Keep Reading