What’s New Around Here


Um....a whole lot! *First of all, in the last week my husband and I have come up with a name for his new business, looked into zoning restrictions, applied for liability insurance, claimed and registered a domain, set up a basic blog, made a promotional flyer, AND set up a Facebook page. We also have […] Keep Reading

Cakes Turns 8!


If you've been reading my blog since the beginning, you probably remember her looking like this, so let's all just take a moment and let the fact that she's 8 years old sink in. Cakes is our spunky, sweet, artistic, hilarious middle child. Since I began this blog, more than 6 years ago, I have […] Keep Reading

The Master Bedroom Project


It's done! I'm so happy about this, for several reasons: 1) It was really hard work, and we're both exhausted. 2) I was tired of the children nesting in our mattress in the living room. Every night when we went to bed (usually aching all over and dead tired), we had to first remove the […] Keep Reading

I've so enjoyed offering you these great bundles because they're an incredible value (I have so much reading on my Kindle now). If you've enjoyed previous bundles, I know you'll love this most recent offering: The Ultimate Christian Living Bundle!   With great kids, a loving marriage, a successful career or business and a closer, […] Keep Reading

Weekly News Digest – Big News Edition


*The first bit of news is that Bee turned 12 yesterday! Part of her gift from us was the Demi Lovato concert we took the girls to earlier in the month. We also bought her requested gifts of an apple-scented candle for her room, British sweets, including Digestives, Curly Wurlies, and Crunchie bars (I have turned […] Keep Reading

The Man Cave Reveal


Long-time readers have probably noticed that in my 6+ years of writing this blog, whenever I've shown pictures of our house, or written day in the life posts, I've never included my husband's basement office. I've typically mentioned it in an offhand way, with the disclaimer that "I don't go in there," and yes this was a joke, […] Keep Reading


I came up with this recipe after a visit to Panera Bread with the girls. I had their Autumn Squash soup, and loved it so much that I came home and went right to work creating my own version. Don't skip roasting the squash seeds! Their salty crunch is a perfect complement to the sweet […] Keep Reading

Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting


Long-time readers will remember that Friday is treat day around here, and what could be better on this beautiful fall day than these delicious pumpkin cupcakes! It's pretty rare for me to make a recipe that I find on the back of a box, but I actually did find this recipe on a package of...something. […] Keep Reading