Weekly News Digest – February 25th, 2015

*Good....morning? I guess it's afternoon now. I never know because my internal clock is all messed up. My brain has decided that I don't need to sleep at night for more than an hour or so at a time, so it feels like I'm always awake. *Hack, hack, cough, hack. Because I got all uppity and […] Keep Reading

Heather asked me a question not too long ago that was easy to answer. She asked me how I felt now that my final disorganized hoard (my workshop) was clean and organized. My response was that I couldn’t have done it without her. It’s not that she helped me as much with the shop as […] Keep Reading

Our Cash Envelope Budgeting System

This week I read a quote from a Greek philosopher, Thucydides, "The secret of happiness is freedom, and the secret of freedom, courage." I think this should be the maxim of the self-employed, because it takes a lot of courage to start a business, but the payoff is the freedom to be in control of […] Keep Reading

Use What You Have and Be Happy

During the Great Depression, this was a household motto because at that time frugality was considered to be a great virtue. Did you know that the word frugal actually originates from the Latin word frugalis, which means virtuous? During the Depression, nothing was wasted. Chicken or turkey carcasses were never discarded until every last bit of […] Keep Reading

What’s Happening

Disney Frozen Magazine: Rachie's Elsa drawing is in the inaugural issue! They sent us a copy, and she was SO excited. I tell you, this Frozen mania is unlike anything I've ever seen. Little girls are still completely obsessed, more than a year after the movie came out, and I must confess that I do not […] Keep Reading

My 2015 Goals

Relationships I will write and mail thank-you notes for every gift/thoughtful gesture (did two in January!) I will send hand-written birthday cards (no more impersonal e-cards). I will endeavor to not be quite so hermit-like. I will visit one of my elderly church friends once a month. I will respond to a letter I received. It deserves a response, but […] Keep Reading

Weekly News Digest – February 9th, 2015

*I'm sooooo tired of dealing with "stuff," I can't even tell you. I'm at the point I often reach this time of year, where I'm sick of everything, and I'm grouchy and tired, and if I have to move crap from one place to another one. more. time. I will lose my mind. I've been […] Keep Reading

Alien Robot Cookies: How to Make Them


Here's how I did it: First, I went through my Wilton cookie cutter set, looking for shapes that could possibly be reinvented/modified to look like robots. I have this particular set: I settled on the trophy cup (turned upside down), tulip, bell, and Easter egg. For the cookies, I used my favorite roll-out cookie dough recipe. […] Keep Reading