Our Summer Scrapbook, 2015 – Part Two

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Jun 252015

Oh dear. I’m soooo behind on everything. I mean everything, folks. Cleaning, housework, yard work (Dear Lord, please give us a break from the rain so we can mow the lawn), office work, blog work, all the work. I know you’re probably thinking, “All right, all right, you broken record!” But seriously…it’s pretty bad.

Every summer I think, “YAY! Relaxation!” But in reality summer is never relaxed, and in many ways I find it even more exhausting than the school year. So, why do I look forward to it? Maybe because there are new types of activities? Less laundry pressure? We don’t have to get up as early? I don’t really understand myself sometimes.

Anyway, here’s how you know you’re a super-introvert, okay? Let’s say you come out of your shell for a little while, and decide to get involved in something. Great!

Maybe….unless you have neverending dreams about the something, and they wake you up several times each night, and this goes on for at least a week before the event, and another week after it. I told my husband this morning that I need to go back to my previous quiet existence in which I never left the house, because my brain will not shut off. Also it’s never quiet here anymore….but I’m getting ahead of myself now. Continue reading »

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