New Beginnings

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Aug 262015

Yesterday morning, I sent my baby boy off to kindergarten.



This is a major milestone in his life, and in mine. In the last month, I’ve been processing my grief over the loss of the longest career I’ve ever had. I’ve been at home full time with my children for nearly 13 years, and while some people did not understand my choice to stay home, I will tell you right now that yes, I did it for them, but mostly I did it for me. It was an entirely selfish decision, because from the moment I met each of my children, I knew that I could not leave them. They were mine – my babies – and I didn’t want to miss one single thing. I knew that being away from them would make me miserable, so I decided that I would do everything possible to stay at home until they reached school-age…when I would have to start letting them go.  Continue reading »

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