End of Summer Recap (2015)

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Aug 282015

Can you believe how fast this summer went? I always say that the older I get, the faster time flies. It makes me sad. Sometimes I get this feeling like everything is rushing rapidly to the end, and I just want the world to stop for a minute so I can take it all in.

Though I wish it wasn’t, the month of August is usually consumed with back-to-school preparations. Especially now that I have 3 kids in school, it seems like there’s so much to do. There are physicals, eye doctor appointments, haircuts, supply shopping, online registration, lunch money deposits, activity registration, forms to complete…so many forms.

We did manage to work in a few leisure activities in August, to wrap up what turned out to be a very fun summer. It was so fun that nobody really wanted it to end. In fact, this was the first summer I can remember when none of my kids were even a little bit enthusiastic about returning to school. Not even Rach, who loves the social aspect of school. Continue reading »

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